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Congradulations - you've enlarged your horisons..
Paradise on Earth.
and also welcome aboard, as on this "site", you will gain ground guickly and prosper !

    This site is dedicated to all those who want to start email processing right away!
     1st and most important, I want you to go to the advertising letters - about the 7th letter across at the top, and choose the letter you believe, conveys the message you want to get clients to sign-up on, or get back to you as soon as you can get them to, as sometimes it is hard to get away from the beach! You see, life IS a beach and even the beach can be treacherous at times. We must be prepared for whatever it offers, whether pleasure or treachery, as you know walking in the sand, one leaves no footprints, but every now and then one may encounter strange objects in the sand as well as in the water, especially at times of high surf! What am I saying?
    Sometimes, one must make their own way whether sand, water, or air, cautiously, yet expediately, and at times, sadly, we even must do what we have to do, not letting others know, as they would be too envious were they to know what we were really doing, and therefore attempt to hinder us in our progress, and so we must also be aware and vigilent. But this isn't really the enemy. The real punch is; - Time itself - as it can sneak up on us, and before you know it - we're finished, and then where are we at?  Get my drift! Let's make what time we have left, at whichever beach we're at, count for something!
    Ready for some fun?  C'mon... accept the challenge. Let's just see if you can "get with the program" and get this thing all set up and running smoothly, so we can choose our beaches, whether to buy, or just use them temporiarily!
    So, let's really go after it now, as the whole world awaits for something we have of real value - us !
    Now then, open up a file on your desktop and save this letter there, so it will be ready when you want to get to it quickly - in order to advertise with it!
    I have organized all of the applicable sales letters, to immediately begin the business with, on the following pages.
    Also at the top of this page, is the first one to send, called the "show me" letter. The reason it would be 1st, is because you would have, by this time, followed the instructions and advertised in one form or the other - your favorite original advertising letter - promoting the email processing position. You will have the future clients, that respond to your ad by email, insert in the subject line, the words, SHOW ME, so as to let you know that it is the beginning sales letter that they will need you to send to them, as they will be requesting info to learn about the program you are offering. This "show me" letter, as well as the other letters can also be sent to the clients by autoresponder as long as you have alerted the client to insert the words,"show me" in order for the autoresponder to know which letter to send,  and then an appropriately corrosponding word for the other letters that the autoresponder needs, to send the other letters on. You can get a free autoresponder at freeautobot.com
    All the other letters you will require, follow on their respective pages - Therefore, I am giving you, right to begin with, all that you will need to begin making money with the program, just as soon as they start asking for the material! You should understand by now, that, as these future clients begin to send you their letters of intent, and are therefore signed on to the program, It is YOUR DUTY and YOUR MONEY AT STAKE that should MOTIVATE YOU to reply to them IMMEDIATELY, either manually, or by autoresponder, with the materials for THEM to go on and ADVERTISE with, so they can begin to have THEIR money coming in, which in turn is the money they will begin to pay YOU with, as soon as their 30 days are up, at which time - they will need their 1st $25 manual to continue to promote the program with, to THEIR clients, and which is also the time they will EACH send you their $25 !!!
    Remember also, that this is your major incentive - as the 1st person that sends you that $25 - pays all your future payments amounting to $300 total in one year. This means that you are clearly independent - upon the 1st payment received as long as just that 1st person follows through - for the year, -and since they're making money, - THEY will pay for your entire business, making you a debt-free business right to begin with! EVERONE ELSE that enters - will become PURE PROFIT for you at the end of the 1ST MONTH, showing up where that profit should be - IN YOUR POCKET - not in someone elses, - but YOURS - all YOURS - right from  the start, from your VERY OWN BUSINESS!
     It is in this amazing position, at so early an entry into a business of ones own, that I would venture to say ; I believe, that there is NO other opportunitity that even comes close to this freedom, and the seemingly, unlimited profit potential that it offers one. Furthurmore, I believe that VERY FEW even recognise this fact! Thats what makes this offer itself unparalled, insofar as time to be employed in a business, and OWNING ones business is concerned! As this offer in the past has been slightly under-promoted, and yet still succeeded - should too many people understand exactly what is being offered through right advertiseing and accelerated promotion involving automated functions - one could be swamped at any time - meaning ones business could go through the roof ! Personally, I myself, had taken on the responsibility to streamline it, and have succeeded in making it automated, so that it will be able to handle a larger volume of business than one was presently capable of handling by theirself, so now, when instigated, through the intense advertising mediums the internet offers us, it can really prosper us!
    Sure, it takes just a little time to get it set up and running properly, as it has really not been on the internet very long, but as you should be able to see by now, it really is - a purely ingenious system, as it offers everyone a start to begin with and also follows through ! The insight that has been designed into it, that is embedded in the manuels you will read, as you aquire them, is what keeps it going on indefinitely, as everyone wants a decent start and also a honest-to-goodness product to aquire for themselves and yet sell, - which means - It is WORTH EVERY SINGLE INCREMENT of that time, as it MAKES your FUTURE - IMMEDIATELY! What follows IS that future, and NOW is the time for you to enjoy it ! Have fun, and BE GLAD YOUVE FINALLY FOUND - THIS ONE !!! Keep advertiseing and promoting it to the best of your ability and get this information to your customers - QUICKLY, - and you will be as pleasantly surprised at the results, as I was when I first started.
       Don't slow down on me, now - Next, go to the top and choose whichever letter you need - next in line - for your client and Let's study them! Read them all and encompass what their needs are, how you are responding, and where, you will need to place your email address and or website info, in them at!
     Then have all your letters, for you to use, personally edited, and ready to send immediately - located in a newly-created file on your desktop. Now, after you've got them all properly edited, they will be ready to send individually, when needed, perhaps even to friends or just plain acquaintences. I myself have gained clients from stores, service stations, anywhere I do business!
      Remember, everyones looking for a way out of the "daily grind", and you have just what it takes to help them!  Having some business cards including a web address - all of a sudden became priority to me, since friends, when they notice you are doing well - will soon begin asking you for your web address so they can "make it" just like you did. You can acquire business cards, advertised for free, at Tripod.com and also this is where you can get a FREE WEBSITE. The site I have built here, is for your convience in getting your materials, and you're welcome to use it to copy individual letters, but you will want to have your OWN site, with your OWN CHOSEN NAME up and running, with all letters intact, and ready for your new clients to become proficient with, themselves. ALSO, it's better to have all your letters available for use, personally edited, and ready to send immediately - located in a newly-created file on your desktop for SAFE-KEEPING, anyhow, as who knows, files on your desktop are on the computer itself, and you may even want to print them off someday to keep your business running, EVEN WITHOUT THE INTERNET, as this is how it was done in the first place - non-dependent on any one source and STILL AVAILABLE,  WORLD-WIDE!  By the way, you may not have known that this course sold in England when it was being promoted through direct mail, at $99 a MONTH for 12 months through the mail system there, and the manuels it offered are still the same as we receive at $25 a MONTH here. The success it reached there showed it to be a very worthwhile product and having read them myself, I can attest to its former price as WELL WORTH IT!   Just thought I'd throw that in, as I have mentioned this when asked about the product, by friends and acquaintences. Anyhow, it IS an outstanding deal !
     Now - you will want to have a website of your own with these letters as they are, all ready, just as I have them, prepared, for you. Then, the client will also have instant access, and can run their business accordingly with the name of your site at the top, and your contact information enclosed, should they require assistance, as they, are YOUR profit-makers. Also, this will make it easy to automate, as you will be able to set up an autoresponder to send a message - when info is requested - telling the client the"URL",or website address of where their sales letters are precisely located and showing them - that they are ready for access immediately! This will save you much time and work rather than sending so many letters, and create more free time for yourself and the family. (maybe to go to a new beach? AW...why visit when you can buy one! - whoops, back to work for now)
     When the clients 30 days are up and they send their $25 to paypal, which will be deposited in your bank account, paypal will send you a confirmation of money received which will initilize the autoresponder again, to send out the letter with the free acrobat reader download, and also their attached 1st manual, or whichever manual they are requesting at that time. You can get a free paypal account at Paypal.com and it's free for you or your client to send money to any email address! Also, nowadays if you don't have a bank account , they offer a no minimim balance account, and totally free checking although they may require a $100 deposit to start one up, - BUT- I've found that a few days after, the account has cleared, - you can get your money right back out! Perhaps you should leave $5 in or so, but this leaves you the option to put money out of your day job check, in the bank, that you do usually need, but then again, you do know that you can get it back again in a few days.  If one has no income to spare, then perhaps a friend could be convinced to help temporiarily, as they could also get their money right back,- in just a few days! Any how, I've found Paypal to be one of the best ways to go, since this way you can also accept payment by credit card through Paypal from your customers. As for your own benefit, I've found that even if you yourself don't have a credit card to use, that the bank account also gives you a debit card that usually doubles as a Visa credit card for free,- along with the account. I don't usually use credit cards but I will have to admit, they're easier to pay bills with on the internet such as phone bills,utilities.etc.
     Should you want to automate advertiseing - that can be accomplished by auto-submission to the search engines on a monthly basis sending more clients to sign up and having the autoresponder automatically send the website address where their materials to run the business with, are located, thereby making the WHOLE program run itself automatically! Of course, it is to your benefit to offer support at least by email, and quite possibly by phone also, if appropriate, but not to worry as I have solved this one, also - In due time you will know which questions are asked most frequently and that's when you should incorporate a FAQ'S letter, among the letters on your website - to answer the most "frequently asked questions" which will eliminate, eventually, almost all the questions your clients will have! These options are all available to you, and only involve the time in setting them up.
     So, you see - this is what I meant when I stated we have the very best! Now, - lets get to work, finish setting it up, get it working automatically, and begin making your money for the future - and the beaches, you can rest on - down the road!  For now, Let's just concentrate on one thing though! This means that right now, the advertizing is everything !  Immediate advertizing ! No matter how good a product one has, it means nothing if no one sees it !  Priority -  now becomes every advertizing medium you can possibly think of!  Your true advantage lies in the fact that I have escallated and optimized this program. Now, the 1st thing, above all, you must do, and remember, is, GET IT TO  THE  PEOPLE,- ANYWAY you can! Listen to me...  You'll love me later for it! Should you dare to go on and advertize RIGHT NOW - before you do any-thing else! - You WILL SUCCEED!  DO IT! - I DARE YOU!
    Stop everything else in the program, Break the habit of reading emails and looking at all the things the internet has to offer that you couldn't read in 10 lifetimes, that is so addictive! Devote your full effort into putting that favorite sales ad letter in classifieds and getting the email addresses of anyone you know and send info to them! These are ways to send emails WITHOUT SPAMMING!
    There are many places where you can acquire opt-in email addresses, of people already looking  for business opportunities. They will surely sign-up more often than people who are spammed and didn't opt-in for an offer. Also, be extra careful and don't get into bulk-email in general, yourself - stay away from this, as it puts one in danger of getting emails boxes cut-off, web-hosts, and even your ISP, all of which you need, to continue to do business with!
    So then, get as many email addresses from acquaintences as you can, to email them your letters individually with, so you will begin to get the feel of how the program really works, and then you will want to go, as would be normal,- after that, to Tripod.com, where you can learn to build your own website, copy the letters to it, and refer your clients there for their materials.  Next, go on to set up a second website, in order for you to advertize the opportunity on, as I have, which will be the one written on your business cards, and at which address you will be able to submit to the search engines on, (which becomes fun) and when you get your business cards with your website address on them, to give out all over, - then you're rollin', because at that time, finally, you'll be able to submit your web address to search engines, listing with a free meta-tag generator that I'll give you, that will supply all the keywords you will need, to get you plenty of "hits" with, so you can get into lots of search engines - all for free if necessary, and then you must just keep doing it, in all the free time you have to do it, until it becomes NATURALLY EASY, - and WATCH what happens! I DOUBLE-DARE YOU TO DO THIS!  Do this now as I'm telling you, again, RIGHT AWAY -without any hesitation, as you can do the rest later, -  and I promise you, you'll never, never, regret it!
    Go right now  - get your ad letter and put it in a classified, Collect email addresses from friends if you have to call them, and then in your free time between advertizing and sending the info manually, to people that request it, Join the emailistclub.com, where they allow you to post your ad to their many members, for free, just by joining them! Get your message out!  Let them know that you've really found something good - because you have!
    Just don't do anything different at this point. Listen to me and follow these instructions as I say and things will fall in place very easily for you. After you have accomplished these things, received orders, and sent the clients their individual sales letters, you will have by then, realized the full scope of the opportunity and will have developed the perspective needed to be really helpful to all your clients and therefore able, to reap the full benefits, when harvest time comes! Then, and ONLY then, will you be able to proceed to building the websites and on to url submission in the search engines where automation and furthur development will begin to offer you the freedom we all look forward to.
    As it is, Do not deviate from this agenda as set forth right now, here at the very end, and your success will be guaranteed! Heed my advice and start advertising as I just related it to you. This is very important. Know that I was trained by the very best! 
    Did you know I'm a believer? Who knows, you get better than me and...uh... I'll see ya'll at the beach !!!

This site is designed to be self-sustaining. It is an example of how it can be set-up to be ran automatically for all it's recipients, therefore support is offered only on a one time limited basis. Please read all instructions carefully and I'm sure you will find it will provide you with all of your answers. Thank you. Also, please realise no prompt return can be assured, so only if absolutely necessary ;

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